Ambarish Anand
Service Delivery Consultant/Customer Success Manager/Digital Transformational leader

Award winning Customer Success Manager , Delivery Consultant and leader. Proven track record of successfully managing multimillion dollar projects ($100 million) with cross functional and diverse global teams, multi-vendors.
Close to 16 years experience in successfully running operations and driving business growth (15% profitability) for world's biggest telecom and technology firms.
Expertise in transitioning the operations and projects to a Data driven and Automated one leveraging cloud, RPA, AI with DevSecOps thereby enabling people and organization to be successful. Driven 25% Ops cost efficiency on Cloud and RPA Projects.

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Book Released Worldwide- #1 Best-Seller in US


Career Journey

Global Service Delivery Manager - "DSM" (Oct 2022 -till date)
Accountable for E2E IT operations for Services like RPA-200 BOTS, Mendix App-200+Apps, Webmethods-400 integrations, EDM-250 collections and App performance Monitoring- Dynatrace, Nexthink
Vendor Management -Acolad, HCL, SaG, Dynatrace
CSAT-4.9, FSI90%
Senior Delivery Manager- 'Netcracker' (2021 March -2022 Oct)
Accountable for E2E delivery for Du Dubai Project - CSAT-4.5
140+ Project reportee from India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil
Global Service Delivery Manager - "DSM" (Jan 2020 -Mar 2021)
Accountable for E2E IT operations for products like CRM, Adobe website, Mendix, APM
Vendor Management -Microsoft, Accenture, TCS, Wipro, Accenture
CSAT-4.7, FSI-82%
Head of Operate- MBNL Operations- "Ericsson" (Apr 2019-Jan 2020)
Collaborate with Senior management to formulate strategy, Design policy that align with overall strategy
Managed 350+ people, vendors, partners.
$100 million contract renewal, Budget Management of $100 million
Senior Manager- Service Delivery- Ericsson (June 2018-Apr 2019)
L2, L3 and Executive Governance (COO, MSIP)
Leading E2E contract
Delivered 21% UEM profitability, 35 % Automation
Project Manager Ericsson (April 2016 - Sep 2018) -52 reportees
Led the contract/Account to growth of 250%
Driven Profitability 15% YOY, 2.5 Attrition
Manager Score-98%,

Skill Set

Operations Management/Leadership (Operational Head for 350+ people)
Service Delivery Management
Executive Governance/presentations
Project Management (IT, Telecom, Agile Projects)
Vendor Management (TCS, MS, Accenture)
Transition Management (E2E transitions )
Cloud Solutions Architect (AWS, GCP), Azure Understanding
Automation (RPA, Chatbot)
Application Performance Manager
Cyber Security Professional


Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

Beer Blogger and a Digital Marketer- I am a "PRODUCT MANAGER" for my own blog. From Design to SEOs to Social media marketing (SEM) to CONTENT writing to selling Affiliate Products. I do it all on my own.
Wander-Enthusiast and Passionate for driving - A rider for life, driving to the unexplored locations.

Investor- I do bootstrap investing in potential start-ups. Invested in multiple fin-tech start ups. Also, investor in agriculture and real estate- Infrastructure projects.

Author - Tech articles. A budding book writer.



B.Tech- Electronics and Communication-Deemed 2003-2007
Executive Management for Young Professionals-IIMK


Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner-2017

AWS Cloud Practitioner-2020
AWS Solution Architect-2020
Executive Data Science for Managers-2020
Microsoft Azure Cloud-AZ 900-2021
Certified RPA Developer- UI Path
Docker Certified Associate-2021
Cyber-Security + -2021



Highest award within Ericsson awarded by President, Ericsson India
to performers who made outstanding business impact. Rewarded the
award for leading transition of $100 million contract from biggest
competitor to Ericsson. Strong success led growth of 300 people business to 700 people business.

Ace Award- 2013

For outstanding contribution of setting up a 300 people NOC
operations successfully, having served in UK as NOC manager setting
benchmark and driving dramatic performance improvement with right
process, AI and Data sets.

Big Bounty Award-2021

3rd prize in entire org wide Hackathon for identification of
Security flaws in org security posture

Ace Award- 2014

Transition , setting up NOC and delivering best ever performance for
Client, Client Network was awarded the best in UK, This achievement
drove 3 other customers to Ericsson

Best People Manager-2017- By GTPW

Level 2 recognition for best people manager in the organization with
GTPW Manager score of 98%, highest amongst Ericsson managers, scored
by direct reportees and 2.5% attrition YOY demonstrated excellent people
management capabilities.

Special recognition Bonus- 2022

For outstanding contribution of successfully making establishing
a du dubai project worth over $100 million (200 people).

The success of this paved the way for org to make inroads to Middle east market, tapped ZAIN KSA.


Cyber-Security is not just limited to Enterprises but for each one of us

How We leveraged AI and data based APM proactive tools to nullify the impact of Covid-19

Marriage of AI and Cloud. Is the Industry ready? (Google Cloud Vs Microsoft Azure Vs AWS)

How I Cleared Docker Certification- YouTube Channel


Chris Erotokritou

Senior Ops Manager- Telefonica UK
Client of Ambarish

I had worked with Ambarish over the last few years on the Implementation and integration of the Incident Jeopardy Management Transition form the TEF UK to EGI in Bangalore. I find his ethos as exemplary, and his management traits spot on. The challenges faced at the time both in India and on his visits to the UK, found Ambarish's support to us in the NOC (previously NMC), most professional in engaging the correct and relevant areas, to ensure smooth transition was completed.
This came to light when we have faced blocking issues in regards to the correct level and depth of detail required on issues for implementation with areas we may not have had access to. He acted as the focal point between areas, to ensure a smooth transition. His communication skills were noted as exemplary, especially on the daily weekly calls held with him along with his emails as we progressed. . I find Ambarish possesses the quality of a highly motivated individual who can excel in whatever position he is placed in.

Norman Nicholas

Certified learning practitioner-
Ambarish was the Client

There are managers and then you have leaders. Ambarish is a blend of both. He is driven towards his team learning something new everyday day. his leadership style is very similar to of incredible bosses who care and want employees to benefit rather that make it just another job. Our project at Ericsson was a success due this. Godspeed Ambarish Anand

Michiel Siegers

NMC Manager, Motorola, UK- Client of Ambarish

Ambarish is professional in his work ethics. It was a pleasure to work with him. Ambarish is easy going and easy to work with, punctual and has good timekeeping

Sumit Kumar

Security Manager-Experian, US

I'm lucky to have worked with Ambarish, a
Manager who understands what deliverables
are for both the company and people working with him. He makes a great example for a servant leader and strategic leadership. Ambarish perceives the company's and project's vision and embeds that in his style. He always has a plan and believes in combining different scopes of project and the employees share his vision and goal. He wants each person to grow professionally which everyone appreciates working for him. I identified my leadership skills and potential because Ambarish provides a platform for employees to succeed which the customers also realize and appreciate. I just absolutely love his leadership style and that's what you want an employee to think of his manager.

Ricardo Santos

I had the pleasure to work with Ambarish on his stay at Netcracker. He was very well committed with his activities and had a incredible learning curve what made him self-sufficient and a good and respected leader in a short period of time. Ambarish is a organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Is always capable of adapting to new working environments. Very positive attitude towards work. Ambarish possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from him. He is a a credible person and I will always hold him in the highest esteem.
Mahendra Chaubey

Ambarish is a very committed leader. He posses a rare combination of great technical knowedge and ability to motivate and drive peope towards success of the organization. Best part is his attitude towards solution keeping everbody involved as a team.

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